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Depot Theater
Demond-Fish Library
Dia: Beacon
Garrison Art Center
HV Shakespeare Festival
Putnam County Historical Society

Not familiar with feeds?  Feeds are a convenient spam-free way to track new materials, news, or other content that is updated periodically. To read the material delivered in a feed, you need an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) reader or news aggregator. To subscribe to a library calendar feed, copy the url above and paste it into your reader  See the instructions for the reader, as all differ slightly.

Some RSS readers are web-based. Others are installed on your computer. Some are free, and some are fee-based. Bloglines ( is a free web-based reader. Sharpreader ( is a program you install on your computer. The Firefox browser has an RSS reader plug-in ( My Yahoo ( customization features include an RSS feed reader. For a list of readers, see

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