Church -Chapel of Our Lady

When Gouverneur Kemble's West Point Foundry began to increase its output, he found ways to bring the skilled laborers he needed from England, Scotland and Ireland defying immigration laws of the time. Many of these men were Catholic and so in addition to providing schools for their families, he built a church in 1834.

The Greek revival church was designed by Thomas Wharton. It is said to be the second oldest Catholic Church in New York State. The little chapel was used until a larger Catholic Church, Our Lady of Loretta was built in 1907. After some time the chapel fell into disrepair. There was even a fire in 1933. In the 1970's a group of local citizens began a fundraising campaign to restore the church to its former glory. It was purchased from the Catholic Church and restored. When it was reopened in 1977, it was non-denominational. Today it is used for weddings and special Thanksgiving and Christmas services.