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Five miles north from Kinderhook Landing is the village of New Baltimore, a place of considerable trades containing about fifty dwellings and four hundred inhabitants. Thence to Coeyman's on the west side of the river, is a distance of some two miles. The town, which is at the junction of Coeyman's creek with the Hudson, and contains one hundred and fifty dwellings, is chiefly remarkable for its proximity to Barren Island. 'This place, the southern boundary of the ancient colony or manor of Renssalaerwyck, was fortified and garrisoned by one of the early Patroons in 1644. As the port of the colony, all traders were here obliged to stop and learn the terms on which they might proceed. It completely commands the channel of the river, and was well settled for the purpose to which its old-fashioned owner applied it. Castleton, four miles, and the Overslaugh, three miles from Albany, mark a number of bars or flats which have. much impeded the navigation. The attention of the general government has recently been directed to their removal.