Canters or Conohook Island (Con Hook)

Lincoln Diamant in Chaining the Hudson discusses the deliberations of Congress and General Washington about the best location for a chain and boom which would prevent the British from sending ships up the Hudson River. Colonel James Clinton, a native of New Windsor and an experienced soldier ion the colonial wars against the French, recommended 1775 that Martlaer's Rock (Constitution Island) be fortified and that a chain be stretched across from Wset Point to the Island. When Congress rejected the cost of the fortifications on the island, construction began onthe southern forts- Clinton, Montgomery and Independence. In May 1776 a Lieutenant Henry Livingston was sent to survey the parts of the Hudson which could best be fortified by a chain. His conclusion, sent to General Washington, was that the most advantageous point was between Con Hook-" an Eminence that Commands a Long reach both up and down the River." and Manitou on the east side of the river. However Con Hook was judged to be defenseless against British attack and that site was abandoned in favor of the Fort Montgomery chain site.