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Many would argue that the Hudson River Valley is the birthplace of the today's environmental movement. Scenic Hudson had its beginnings in 1963 when Con Edison decided to build a pumped storage power plant on top of Storm King Mountain and local citizens mounted an opposition. At about the same time Pete Seeger and friends joined together to raise funds to build the Sloop Clearwater to serve as an active and educational force for cleaning up the Hudson River. The Hudson River Fisherman's Association was formed at this time to safeguard the fishing industry. The National Resources Defense Council and The Environmental Defense Fund were also born from the struggle with Con Edison and the need for citizens group to have qualified and committed lawyers to argue their case. The Hudson River Foundation was created out of the financial settlement with Con Edison and is dedicated to funding scientific research on these issues.

(From left to right) Dean Anderson, David Townsend and Lars Anderson pose as Colonials at Garrison's landing to protest Con Edison's plan to build a pumped storage power plant on Storm King Mountain.


Constitution Marsh

A Year at Constitution Marsh by the late Jim Rod

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National Resources Defense Council

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Scenic Hudson