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Become a Friend of the Desmond-Fish Library or Renew Your Membership

Funds raised through membership provide books and computers for the Library, special Library projects, Children's Summer Reading programs and free lectures and presentations. If you would like a become a Friend of the Desmond-Fish Library or Renew Your Membership, just print and fill out this form. Send it to the Library at the following address:

Membership Chairperson
Friends of the Desmond-Fish Library
P.O. Box 265
Garrison, NY 10524

You can also become a friend or renew your membership using .

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Book Sorting

Make new friends, help the library, and preview interesting donated books for the book sale by helping with a Friends of the Library book sorting session.

Dear Lifetime Friends, Members and Patrons:

Next time you are in the Library, take a minute to look around. What you will see are thousands of books, digital media, magazines, newspaper - all made possible by your memberships dues and donations. Since 1983, true to our Mission, Friends' contributions and revenue from the annual Book and Media Sale enable the library to purchase thousands of books and media.

Just this past year, thanks to a very generous gift by a Member, our contribution to the library is over $30,000. That means more books, films, periodicals, music, and expanded programs for all ages to enjoy!

A simple Thank You cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to you; there is no scale that can measure the enrichment and enjoyment that your membership fees and donations brings to our Library's patrons and program participants.

Please continue your support by renewing your membership or with a donation today through the link above or by calling the Library at 845-424-3020.

With appreciation,

Teri Waivada, President
Friends of the Desmond Fish Public Library