Horse Race

Text from William Wade

At Dunderberg Mountain or Caldwell's Landing, what is called the Horse Race commences. This consists of an angle in the river, which for more than a mile, takes a westwardly direction, contracted to a very narrow space between bold and rocky mountains; one of which, Antony's Nose, is eleven hundred and twenty-eight feet high, and is opposite the mouth of Montgomery creek, overlooking forts Montgomery and Clinton.

Edgar Mayhew Bacon described the Horse Race and Peekskill Bay in The Hudson River From Ocean to Source in 1903: "The Trains that creep about the base of the Dunderberg are pygmy affairs; the swift current that flows through the Horse Race and into Seylmaker's Reach catches broken reflections of the towering masses above them, and all the contrivances of man-his wharves, his boats, and his villages- cannot impair the invincible majesty of nature."