Fort Independence

This fort was one of the many built in the summer of 1776 in order to create a strong defense of the Highlands. It was built at the mouth of Annsville Creek just south of Anthony's Nose. This point was known as Roa hook.

When Sir Henry Clinton attacked the Highlands in October of 1777 he created a ruse de guerre or trick to make the commander of Fort Independence believe he intended to attack that fort instead of the two West Point forts. He sent troops marching toward Fort Independence and while he was sending troops across the river in barges, he had local Tories and the British ships continue an attack on Fort Independence. Israel Putnam was the commander of Fort Independence and he was so sure that they were mounting a full scale attack on that fort that he sent to General George Clinton, commander of Forts Montgomery and Clinton for reinforcements. However Clinton sent out scouts into the hills surrounding the West Point forts and discovered the British plan. He then sent a request to Putnam for more troops as he was vastly outnumbered but that message did not reach Putnam in time.