Cadet Monument

Text from William Wade

The centre monument near the flagstaff, is a cenotaph, erected by General Brown, in memory of Colonel E. D. Wood, an early and distinguished graduate of the academy, who fell in the sortie at Fort Erie in 1814. The remaining monument is the Cadets' s monument, erected in honour of deceased officers and cadets.

Benson Lossing gives a more complete description of the monument in his 1866 edition of The Hudson From the Wilderness to the Sea.

"The most conspicuous object in the Cemetery is the Cadet’s Monument, situated at the eastern angle. It is a short column, of castle form, composed of light brown hewn stone, surmounted by military emblems and a foliated urn, wrought from the same material. It was erected in the autumn of 1818, to the memory of Vincent M. Lowe, of New York, by his brother cadets. He was accidentally killed by the discharge of a cannon, on the 1st of January, 1817. The names of several other officers and cadets are inscribed upon the monument, it having been adopted by the members of the institution as ‘sacred to the memory of the deceased’ whose names are there recorded."