Mull's Rocks

Mull means mill in Dutch. The 1891 Beer's Map shows a Grist mill at the mouth of Coeyman's Creek  According to Edward Giddings' book Coeymans and the Past, "Conrad Ten Eyck. . .operated the mills, called the Cedar Point mills, for many years. The names of the two millers for Conradt are John Aldridge and Mr. Whiteman. After the death of Conradt there were several owners or operators of the mills. Barent Ten Eyck, Andrew E. Willis, Noble H. Johnson, Isreal Lawton, John J. Johnson. About 1890 the mills ceased to operate..."  An 1878 map of this part of the Hudson shows Robb and Carroll's straw Paper mill on Hannacroix Creek.just inland from where it flows into the Hudson. The Hannacroix which was also spelled Hannacrois is south of Coeyman's Creek. Giddings' book lists the owners of the paper mill as Theodore Robb, Charles Robb and Nelson Carroll.