Text from William Wade

Nyack is pleasantly situated on the west bank of the river, at the widest part of Tappan Sea. It contains more than one hundred houses and eight hundred inhabitants. Two or three miles north-west of Nyack is Rockland Lake, a body of the purest water, five miles in circumference, two hundred feet above the level of the Hudson. It abounds with fine fish; but is chiefly valuable for its ice, and from it the city of New York is chiefly supplied with that article. The ice-houses are many of them built on the bank of the river.

Arthur Adams in the Hudson River Guidebook tells us that Nyack village was incorporated in 1833, It was part of a land grant obtained by Claes Jansen Kuyper von Purmarent in 1671.

During the Revolutionary War, Nyack residents and soldiers were known to have fired on British ships and troops when they attempted to land for water and food supplies.