R. L. Pell Arbor

Benson Lossing speaks of R.L. Pell in The Hudson From Wilderness to the Sea:

Placentia is the name of the beautifully situated country seat of the late James Kirke Paulding, a mile above the village of Hyde Park, and seven north from Poughkeepsie. it stands upon a gentle eminence, overlooking a pleasant park of many acres, and commanding an extensive prospect of a fertile farming country on both sides of the river. Almost opposite Placentia is the model farm of Robert L. Pell, Esq., whose apples, gathered from thousands of trees, are familiar to those who make purchases in the American and English fruit markets.

The Hudson By Daylight Map of 1878 shows the estate of Robert Pell on the west side of the Hudson south of Esopus Village. The map states that Pell's farm was 1200 acres. His residence was located north of Esopus Village.