Salisbury Island (Iona Island)

At the time of Wade's panorama, Salisbury or Iona Island was a resort island with a hotel, carousel , ferris wheel and picnic areas. The island has been known as Iona island since an early inhabitant named Dr. Grant grew a type of grape there known as Iona grapes. The plain to the West of the island is known as Salisbury Meadow. Dr. Grant had built a mansion on the island which had been converted to a hotel.

Iona Island is a bedrock island bordered by two large tidal marshes; and the mouth of Doddletown
Bight, an expanse of shallows, and mudflats. A separate island; Round Island, was attached to the
south end of Iona Island with fill in the early 20th century. The marshes and shallows occupy one
mile between Iona Island and the west shore. In addition to being part of the Hudson River
National Estuarine Research Reserve, Iona Island and its associated tidal wetlands have been
designated a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service. It is not accessible to the public.