Little Stoney (Stony) Point

In the early 1900's The Hudson River Stone Company began filling in the water at the base of Bull Hill with silt, rubble and stone so they could utilize the beach area known as Little Stony Point for their mining operation. When the Hudson River Conservation Society began looking for ways to stop the blasting of Bull Hill, they found that the Hudson River Stone Company had never obtained permits to fill the river. A court decision ordered the company to remove the fill by 1940 and refrain from further dumping. The company ceased mining in 1944. Then in 1967 the Georgia Pacific Company purchased Little Stony Point with the intention of building a wallboard factory. The Hudson River Valley Commission, a group appointed by Governor Nelson Rockefeller, had planned to create a park on the eastern side of the river which would have included Little Stoney Point , convinced Governor Rockefeller into intervene and relocated the factory in Verplanck. In 1970 Little Stoney Point did become part of the Hudson Highlands State Park which included Breakneck, Bull Hill, and Bannerman's Island.