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Computer Use


WiFi Instructions

Use our open access wireless network to connect with your laptop while in the Desmond-Fish Library. Follow the instructions below to set up your access to the library’s WiFi Network.

  1. Double click the wireless icon in your status tray
  2. Click View Wireless Networks
  3. Highlight Desmond-Fish Library
  4. Click Connect
  1. Click on Start button, (click Settings,) select Control Panel
  2. Double click on Network Connections or Network and Internet Connections if you are using Category view
  3. Right click on your wireless connection in network connections
  4. Select View Wireless Network Connections
  5. Highlight Desmond-Fish Library
  6. Click Connect

Use the wireless connector service that is installed for your wireless card.

  1. Click Apple, then System Preferences
  2. Click the Network Icon
  3. Click the down arrow next to Location, select New Location
  4. Type WUSM as the New Location name, click OK
  5. Click the down arrow by Show, select Network Port Configurations
  6. Leave AirPort checked; uncheck all other options
  7. Click the down arrow by Show and select AirPort;

  8. Set/Confirm the following:
    1. Click the TCP/IP tab; Ensure that DHCP is enabled
    2. Choose Join a specific network, enter wusm-guest for network; leave password blank
    3. Deselect “Allow this computer to create networks”
    4. Click Apply Now
    5. Close the System Preferences window.