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Maintenance Update

The library is open for business! 

The next phase of maintenance will be the installation of new ceilings and light fixtures. When we have firm dates, we’ll advise of any work that may affect access.

Thank you so much for your patience and support as we diligently work to make our library as safe and welcoming as possible!

Name Review Process

The Board of Trustees of the Desmond-Fish Public Library voted on May 18, 2023 to begin the next phase of a long-term response effort regarding the allegations recently made public about Hamilton Fish III, who, with Alice Curtis Desmond, founded the Library.

The Board will be discussing the issue at a special meeting on Saturday, March 9th, at 10 a.m.

More information about our response to Hamilton Fish III is available on this page. There you can see a timeline of our work, learn about our Name Review Working Group, read more about Hamilton Fish III as well as the history of antisemitism, and explore related programming, including Community Reads and a recording of Dr. Anthony Troncone’s talk on Hamilton Fish III from July 8th.

Health Injustice, Life, Death, and Dr. King

On Monday, January 15th, Virginia A. Brown, bioethicist and research scholar at The Hastings Center, delivered an electrifying lecture for Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Injustice in Health and its Relationship to Physical Death: “Getting King’s Words Right.”

Dr.  Brown is a research scholar in social justice and population health. She joined The Hastings Center in Garrison in September 2023 from the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School where she served as an assistant professor in the department of population health in the division of Community Engagement and Health Equity and as the associate director of the Liberal Arts Honors program in the College of Liberal Arts.

“I am a public sociologist,” she explains, “and we look at ethical issues in health and health care as public challenges rather than personal troubles.”  Her recent work has focused on protecting the autonomy of persons living with serious mental illness using psychiatric advance directives.  Dr. Brown began her work in health care ethics at Howard University’s College of Medicine where her interest in the intersection of race, ethics, community involvement, and social justice evolved. At The Hastings Center, Dr. Brown continues her research by expanding her inquiry to include attending to the question, “What does bioethics owe justice?”  

Watch a recording of the presentation below!