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7:00 pm - Climate and Human Impact on Hudson River Marshes

July 21, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join the New Leaf Restoration for a presentation and discussion with scientist and Columbia University professor, Dr.Dorothy Peteet.  She will discuss how distinct periods of climate change affect our beloved Hudson River ecosystem. She will include how dramatic and widespread the damage from human activities can be to ecosystems when compared to the changes that occur as a result of the natural variations in climate that the Earth experiences.

Register in advance here for this Zoom presentation and discussion. This presentation is suitable for older children and adults who are interested in learning more about the unique natural landscape we call home.

Dr. Dorothy M. Peteet is a Senior Research Scientist at NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Adjunct Professor, Columbia University. She directs the Paleoecology Division of the New Core Lab at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia and in collaboration with GISS climate modelers and LDEO geochemists is studying the Late Pleistocene and Holocene archives of lakes and wetlands (peatlands, salt marshes, tidal freshwater marshes, bogs, fens).

The New Leaf Restoration Discussion Series hosts speakers and discussions relating to gardening and the environment and is sponsored by the New Leaf Restoration, Butterfield Library, and the Desmond-Fish Public Library.

THE NEW LEAF RESTORATION: In 2017 a 10.8 acre pasture at the corner of 9D and 403 in the town of Philipstown was donated to the Town of Philipstown by OSI and Scenic Hudson. The site has all the prerequisites, including a spring for irrigation, to support productive, varied, and successful gardens. The mission of New Leaf Restoration, Inc. is to plan, implement, and restore the pasture into collaborative intergenerational gardens and a community resource for the entire town. For more information on how you can volunteer or reserve a garden plot email info@newleaf-restoration.org