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6:00 pm - Social Media Mental Health for Kids & Teens

September 20, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Digital connections, more than ever, pervade our every moment –– from our ever-present phones to our work, social, and school experiences. Although for many, the internet provided a lifeline during the bleakest days of the pandemic, our daily lives and global moment also make abundantly clear that technology –– and the internet more specifically –– can be as much a source of strife and stress as it is one of education and recreation. In the Desmond-Fish Public Library’s Digital Wellness series, we’ll learn to take control of our online lives to emphasize safe, private, equitable, and affirmative use of technology.

In this Social Media Mental Health workshop, join Digital Services Librarian Ryan Biracree as we learn to use social media to find community, build connections, express creativity, experience diverse perspectives, and explore authenticity and our selves –– while avoiding anxiety, screen addiction, misinformation, and unhealthy behaviors from doomscrolling and parasocial attachments to vaguebooking and toxic positivity.

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This event requires at least four attendees to run. If fewer than four participants register, the event will be postponed.