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The Immune System – Ayurvedic Medicine Series

January 19, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join Dr. Somesh Kaushik for this monthly series discussing topics in Ayurvedic medicine.
This first of twelve monthly sessions will focus on The Immune System and how to maintain a balance.

Ayurveda believes a balance of body, mind, and spirit will naturally result in a strong immune system that combats pathogens. Being out of balance results in a weakened immune system allowing illness to develop. Balancing our microbiome – the bacteria, viruses, and fungi that exist in our bodies – is critical to our health. And, nourishing not only our body but also our mind and spirit is key to the health of our microbiome.
Come and discover:
– How the microbiome affects body, mind, and spirit
– Why mental attitude & emotions affect the microbiome and immune system
– Ways to keep the microbiome in balance
– How to nourish our bodies with proper diet and nutrition – seasonally
– Lifestyle habits that support a strong immune system and healthy microbiome

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This series is brought to you by the New York Putnam County Libraries.

February 23 – Ayurveda and Heart Health: The Power of Mind and Spirit
March 23 – The Kidney, Liver, and Lymph: Essential Detox Pathways
April 6 – Gut Health: The Body’s Second Brain and First Line of Immune Defense
May 4 – Ayurveda and Autoimmunity: Treating the Root Cause
June 22 – Allergies and Asthma: An Ayurvedic Approach
July 27 – Multi-Organ Inflammatory Disease: A Modern Dilemma
August 24 – Stress and Insomnia: Breaking the Cycle
September 14 – Addictions: Recovering with Ayurveda
October 26 – Anxiety and Depression: Cultivating a Chemistry of Joy
November 16 – Ayurveda and Diabetes: A Whole Body Approach
December 14 – The Healing Power of Gratitude: A Body, Mind, Spirit Elixir


January 19, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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