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7:00 pm - The Kidney, Liver, and Lymph: Essential Detox Pathways – Part of the Ayurvedic Medicine Series

March 23, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Join Dr. Somesh Kaushik for this monthly series on Ayurvedic Medicine sponsored by the Libraries of Putnam County New York.
REGISTER HERE to join this third session which will focus on THE KIDNEY, LIVER, AND LYMPH: ESSENTIAL DETOX PATHWAYS.
The kidneys, liver, and lymph system are the body’s natural detoxification pathways and are critical organs for maintaining the body’s overall health. When they are out of balance, overloaded with toxins, or blocked by stressors (physical or emotional) they cannot function efficiently and illness can result. Learning how to care for these critical organs is essential and discovering what interferes with their functioning is key.
Come and discover:
Foods, herbs, teas, supplements that will help to keep these organs healthy
Specific triggers that cause interference – i.e. anger overloads the liver
Why hydration is critical – and how to determine the right amount for you
The importance of sleep as a regenerative component
Exercises and meditations that reduce stress and help circulation
The benefit of a periodic detox protocol
April 6 – Gut Health: The Body’s Second Brain and First Line of Immune Defense
May 4 – Ayurveda and Autoimmunity: Treating the Root Cause
June 22 – Allergies and Asthma: An Ayurvedic Approach
July 27 – Multi-Organ Inflammatory Disease: A Modern Dilemma
August 24 – Stress and Insomnia: Breaking the Cycle
September 14 – Addictions: Recovering with Ayurveda
October 26 – Anxiety and Depression: Cultivating a Chemistry of Joy
November 16 – Ayurveda and Diabetes: A Whole Body Approach
December 14 – The Healing Power of Gratitude: A Body, Mind, Spirit Elixir

ABOUT SOMESH N. KAUSHIK, ND, BAMS, MPH, MPA, E-RYT 500 is an Ayurvedic specialist/consultant. After completing B.A.M.S., 6½ years of Ayurvedic training in 1983 from Kurukshetra University, India. He worked as an Ayurvedic Medical Officer before moving to the U.S. He earned M.P.H. and M.P.A. from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and N.D. from the University of Bridgeport, where he taught Ayurvedic medicine and Public Health courses and worked as the Director of Admissions for the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Before moving to Connecticut, he worked as an Epidemiologist and Director of HIV/AIDS sero-surveillance with the Alabama Department of Public Health while maintaining an Ayurvedic practice. He has been a faculty member with the University of Bridgeport, Division of Health Sciences since 2001 He has over 36 years of experience as an Ayurvedic physician.

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March 23, 2021
7:00 pm
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