Project Code Spring: Minecrafternoon

Desmond-Fish Public Library

Minecrafternoon is back! In this no-commitment, weekly club, kids and teens can play Minecraft (Java edition) in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. Whether beginners looking to learn the basics, advanced players constructing their masterpieces, or tinkerers who want to toy with mods and hacks, all are welcome. This group is best for kids aged […]

What to Know About Online Privacy and Your Data – POSTPONED

Desmond-Fish Public Library

Your personal data –– your demographic information, shopping habits, political preference, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, health conditions, close relationships, past purchases, etc. –– is being collected, analyzed, and commodified by corporations from the moment you reach for your phone in the morning until the moment you close your laptop at night. In this Digital Literacy […]